Project Management

In practice, all but the simplest projects are likely to require expertise from various professional disciplines and will involve a process comprising successive stages from initial research through feasibility studies, proof-of-concept, detailed planning to project delivery.  

As manager of this process, Qubator would undertake to define the purpose of the project and its objectives, identify the resources required, prepare a programme and schedule, assess the political and regulatory implications, negotiate agreements, co-ordinate the various contributions by other participants and report to the sponsor(s) accordingly. 

The purpose of a project might be to:

  • Find a use for waste which would minimize disposal costs
  • Convert waste into a product with economic value
  • Re-vamp a production process to optimize material use or energy consumption
  • Re-design a product with a view to rationalizing material inputs, to facilitate recycling at the end of its economic life or perhaps to comply with new regulations
  • Develop an integrated industrial estate
  • Increase interaction with local communities and other stakeholders to enhance corporate social responsibility
  • Develop off-sets for carbon emissions.

Whatever its purpose, Qubator can manage the project.