Company Profile

Qubator was established by Robin Branson in 1987 to develop new industrial technology for commercial applications and facilitate the exploitation of related business opportunities.

The company focused originally on developing manufacturing processes and industrial products.

Projects variously involved market research; feasibility studies; directing technical research; prototype development; negotiating commercial exploitation; project planning, management and funding.

Clients included: ACIRL Ltd, Applied Power Ltd, Plessey Australia Pty Ltd., Muswellbrook Energy & Minerals Ltd. Alcan Australia, Alcoa Australia, Tomago Aluminium, ANSTO and the CSIRO. 

Qubator was accredited by the Federal Government as a venture capital fund manager under its then civil offsets programme.

Since 1989 Qubator has accumulated extensive experience in arranging bilateral symbiosis; that is, finding uses for industrial waste, which would otherwise have been dumped.

Projects involved tasks such as researching potential uses; arranging the characterisation of waste and the specification of requirements; planning logistics; assessment of economic feasibility; organising trials; negotiating agreements, establishing patents or registering designs and managing operations. 

Qubator undertakes project management and ‘stand-alone’ research assignments on the basis of negotiated fees. Industrial symbiosis projects are usually undertaken as a type of broker, remunerated only on success.

Organisations involved with such projects include: CSR Wood Panels, Electricity Commission of NSW, Sydney Water, NB Love Starches, NSW Department of Energy & Minerals, Uncle Ben’s Australia, Mauri Yeast Australia, Nestle Australia, The Manildra Group, 3M Australia, Pfizer Pty. Ltd., iNova Pty. Ltd.